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HUIMAIFour major advantages

Rich production experience

Anti-static floor design, development, production, brand strength certification

PowerfulProduction technology、PerfectManagement mode

Sophisticated materials, sophisticated equipment

StandardizationPipeline production

Full rangeTailored service

Professional R & D design team, excellent materials, fine work

One-stop service for product development, development, manufacturing, production, sales and installation

Tailored to customer needs, multi-channel inspection processSecurity

Professional research and development design team
superior materials

AbundantStrength and team

Full service strength and foundation

Have a group ofHigh quality, enterprising, honest and dedicated, very cooperativeTeam of professionals

A construction team that has been trained by experts scientific professional training, with certain professional knowledge and mature technology

For the majority of usersFull service strength and foundation

ReliableFast delivery ability
Excellent after-sales service

Customer service24 hoursProblem responsive service

DeliveryProvide regular bills

Variety complete, flexible product is tie-in
customized services


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Huimai products are widely used in high-end intelligent office buildings, intelligent office buildings, electronic computer rooms, communication room..…

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Changzhou Huimai Activity Flooring Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise specializing in development, research, manufacture, production, sales, installation and series of all-steel elevated floor. The main products are, all steel raised floor (OA network overhead floor, OA500 network floor, OA600 network floor, trunking network floor, trunking overhead floor), anti-static floor, permanent PVC and HPL (trimeric hydrogen ammonia fireproof board) ), PVC anti-static floor, all steel ventilation overhead floor, tile surface elevated raised floor, wooden composite raised floor, aluminum alloy anti-static raised floor calcium sulfate raised floor and other specifications of overhead raised floor, a full range.


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